January 10, 2017

Full version

Tsubook can be downloaded for free. A part is free but the other one is paid (the “full version”). The free version includes the 3D human body and the localization of 14 meridians and their 361 points. The full version includes more than 600 indications (ex: headaches, back pain,…), 10 point categories (Front-Mu-Bo, 5 shu, Xi-cleft, Luo,…), the therapeutic TCM properties for the 361 points (ex: clears Heat, regulates Blood,…) and the name of the points in Japanese, Chinese and English.

The Tsubook full version is available at $34.99 (USD).

To buy it you just need to download Tsubook, open the lateral menu (click on the button at the top-left corner) and select ‘Full version’.

How we use this money

When you buy the full version of Tsubook, where does your money go? This is a very important question on which we want full transparency.

For each full version bought at 34.99 USD (based on 2016 results):

Revenue breakdown:

  • $10.50 for the stores: the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore get 30% of the gross amount
  • $3.99 of taxes: we are located in France where the taxes on profit is between 30% and 45% (we used 38% as an average)
  • $10.50 for the operating costs: accountant, travels, bank fees,…
  • $3.50 for IT equipment: server rent, equipment amortization,…
  • $6.50 of profits: we do not pay ourselves yet and we aim to reinvest this profit in the company