The new acu-point Shiatsu app

Mobile and tablet application

Shiatsu essentials at your fingertips - on Android, iPhone or iPad

3D human body

Tsubook offers a spatial and interactive approach to Shiatsu knowledge, based on a 3D human body. Navigating around is amazingly simple!

Quick search

Where is ST 12? Which points are linked to headaches?… With the menu system and the search bar, you can find everything in a few clicks.

Pocket fit

Do you still travel in public transport or go to the beach with your heavy books? Take Tsubook everywhere you go without additional weight.

Interested? Try the free version!

Tsubook is available on phones and tablets - Android, iPhone and iPad. A part of the app is free. If you like it, you can get the full version for $28.99.

Who are we?

We created Studio Levart in 2016, and Tsubook is our first app!
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Carla Sofia

Carla is Italian, designer and Shiatsu practitioner, and an inquisitive global traveler. She is in charge of graphics, UX design, marketing and partnerships with schools.
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Nicolas Form

Nicolas is a French mobile app developer and also enjoys global traveling. He is in charge of all technical aspects, administration and finances.

Tsubook is also a community: the Tsubookers !
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